Welcome to Marezora Subs!

Marezora Subs is a new subbing and translating community started by Rin and Hanna who met through their love of Tsuchiya Tao.

This community's main focus will be all things Tsuchiya Tao - dramas, varieties, interviews - but we also love a bunch of other young Japanese talents (especially asadora actors) and they might make an appearance in our projects!

To join the community, just read the rules below and click 'Join' at the top of the page. You will need a livejournal account.

Feel free to post a self introduction in the comments to this post.

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[Announcement] Join Marezora Team?

Hi, we are looking for more people to join the team so we can release more projects and more quickly.

You can commit as much or as little time as you want, so if you have even just a little bit of interest, please consider joining! We are especially looking for timers and translators, but quality checkers and raw providers are also welcome!

Current planned projects are:
- PLUTO stage play
- PLUTO Europe leg documentary
- Gochi 20 (either just Tao cuts or full)
- Yakusoku no Stage SP drama

If you think you want to try subbing, please fill in this form.

Thank you!

Marezora Team