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Hi, I am Rin.

Welcome to Marezora Subs!

Marezora Subs is a new subbing and translating community started by Rin and Hanna who met through their love of Tsuchiya Tao.

This community's main focus will be all things Tsuchiya Tao - dramas, varieties, interviews - but we also love a bunch of other young Japanese talents (especially asadora actors) and they might make an appearance in our projects!

To join the community, just read the rules below and click 'Join' at the top of the page. You will need a livejournal account.

Feel free to post a self introduction in the comments to this post.

NO reupload
※ Please refrain from reuploading our files anywhere, whether that be on streaming sites or cloud drives.
NO retranslating
※ A lot gets lost in translation despite how careful you were. We don't want to risk misrepresentation as a result of retranslation.
DO NOT post our links
※ As fansubbing is not exactly legal we want to stay as low-profile as possible. You can credit us as "Marezora"/"Marezora Subs" but please do not post our url publicly.
※ Do not share our file links. You can share the link to the livejournal post (in private) but please do not share the file link directly.
DO NOT sell our works

Tsuchiya Tao:
Kakkou no Tamago wa Dare no Mono // ongoing
○ 2 Episodes of 6 Total
○ 2018.09.02 THE Joshi-kai (with Yoshine Kyoko)
Haru Matsu Bokura
○ 2018.11.14 Anniversary MV (with Kitamura Takumi)
Gochi ni Narimasu 20 // ongoing
○ Battle 0 Tao cuts
Yakusoku no Stage
○ 2019.02.22 Drama SP (with Momota Kanako)
Suna no Utsuwa
○ 2019.03.28 Drama SP (with Nakajima Kento)

Higashide Masahiro:
Anata no Koto wa Sore Hodo
○ 2017.04.07 A-Studio
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